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Discharge pumps for Fluidbag and barrels

The fluid bag pump FLB is one specialty of ipp Pump Products GmbH which – being a horizontal immersed pump for fluid bags – constitutes a new standard in the hygienic field of the industry. Excellent hygienic quality as well as the easy disassembly are particular characteristics of this well thought-out pump conception. The modular construction allows the installation of each rotor / stator size with all material options to one pump for the trimming to different standards – from the textile industry over the food industry to the pharmaceutical industry.

Fluid bag pumps

  • Pharmaceutical compliant design
  • Jointless executions
  • Material 1.4404 / 1.4571 / 1.4435
  • Premium - welding seams
  • Surfaces up to Ra = 0,4µm or better
  • Complete disassembly for treatment by autoclave
  • Stator material PTFE
  • Capacity 1800 l/h
  • Differential pressure 8 bar
  • Scraping system for the hygienic connection and disconnection to fluid bag outlets

Barrel discharge pumps

  • Vertical immersion pump for barrels, open and or with bung as well as for IBC-container
  • Jointless execution
  • Single and single flushed mechanical seals
  • Materials from 1.4301, up to 1.4435
  • Surfaces from unmachined up to Ra <= 0,4µm inside and outside
  • Stator material PTFE, Hypalon, NBR black, NBR white, EPDM black, EPDM white
  • In the stator incorporated adapter for foot valves
  • Easy and flexible handling by means of lifting bows.


The right pump for high-viscous media


Chemical Industry

For transfer, discharge (also from high vacuum), circulation and mixing, dispensing, atomizing, Tankannahme and filling ipp rotary lobe pumps can be selected for any individual requirement and operation conditions.
The pumps allow the pumping of flavourings, acids and alkalis, paints and varnishes, poylmers, resins, wax, solvents, glue and adhesives, binders, latex, glyzerin, lecithin and hydrocarbons with pressures up to 80 bar and high viscosities.
The ipp range also offers you barrel discharge pumps which are chemical resistant.




Process pumps for pharmaceuticals and precurses must comply with particular demands, a GMP compliant design is imperative. For the gentle pumping of raw material, ointments, serums, cough syrup and plant extracts ipp rotary lobe pumps are perfectly suited.

The fluidbag-eccentric screw pump represents a new standard in the field of the inhouse product logistics under absolute hygienic demands.




The efficient and at the same time gentle pumping of cosmetic products is one of our strengths: shampoo, shower gel and soaps, lotions, cream, lipstik, suntan oil, perfume, gels and even wear promoting media like tooth paste sometimes place extreme demands to positive displacement pumps. The pumps from ipp Pump Products GmbH are developed and manufactured individually in compliance with your requirements.



Sizes & Technical Data

You have the choice

Type Displacement Maximum pressure  max. rpm Max. capacity Pressures Capacity Connection width Nominal size Immersion depth TCIP TSIP QCIP
Einheit>> l/rev.]  [bar] [U/min] [l/h] [psi] [GPM] [Zoll]   [mm] [85...90°C] [120...130°C] [m3/h]
0080 0,0008 8 1500 72 [114] [4,5] [1/2 - 2"] DN15 – DN50 500 - 1200      
0174 0,00174 8 1500 158 [114] [10,0] [1/2 - 2"] DN15 – DN50 500 - 1200      
0346 0,00346 8 1500 310 [114] [19,6] [1/2 - 2"] DN15 – DN50 500 - 1200      
127 0,0127 8 1500 760 [114] [47,9] [1/2 - 2"] DN15 – DN50 500 - 1200      
290 0,029 8 1500 1680 [114] [106,0] [1/2 - 2"] DN15 – DN50 500 - 1200      
367 0,0367 8 1500 2200 [114] [138,8] [1/2 - 2"] DN15 – DN50 500 - 1200      

The indicated data may only be evaluated individually. The simultaneous appearance of multiple performance limits may be incorrect. In practice the practicable values may vary, depending on the type of product, respectively on the design of the plant in which the pump is integrated.

Further information

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Ing. (FH) Walerij Stein

Development/ Quality Control/ Technical Management
Tel.: +49 5439 80921-0

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