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Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Thomas Moldenhauer
Managing Director

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Sandra Straub Assistentin der Geschäftsleitung

Sandra Straub
Executive Assistant

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Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Walerij Stein
Technical Management /
Construction /Quality Manager

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Matthias Pohlkamp
Applications expert/ Sales

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Thomas Genschel
Applications expert/ Sales

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Michael Krone
Technical support & Sales

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Christiane Schimpfky
Shipping & Distribution

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Christoph Kuhlmann
Development Engineer

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Daniel Kleine-Börger Entwicklung & Konstruktion

State-certified Tech.
Daniel Kleine-Börger
Development & Construction

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Christoph Holtkemper Auftragsabwicklung

Christoph Holtkemper
Order processing

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Markus Bünnagel
Order processing

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Annalena Hahn
Commercial clerk

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Wir sind ipp – Spezialist für Drehkolbenpumpen.

We manufacture high-tech pumps for hygienic applications. Our customers include big names from the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. ipp sets the very highest standards in product quality. This makes us the leader in technology and innovation.

CIP/SIP Cleaning -
a challenge for the rotary lobe pump.

CIP/SIP procedure - a challenge! Geometric aspect: Free of residues. With an EHEDG test, document no. 2, it has been proven that the ipp rotary lobe pumps are suitable for the CIP procedure without residues. During the steaming procedure (SIP) the pump doesn't need to turn, however this is necessary for the possible discharge of the condensate. „Self-Draining-Features“ (SDF) support this process. The EHEDG-certificate also includes document no. 8 which is valid for general construction and design details.

There are the following CIP procedures:

CIP-cleaning of the pump

  • Passive: The pump is arranged in a by-pass and cleaned by means of a volume flow which is created by a CIP system (centrifugal pump). The necessary pressure difference is created through the "pre-pressure" at the pump inlet.
  • Active: The rotary lobe pump is arranged in the tube, possibly also in a by-pass and works against a differential pressure of 1.....3 bar in order to reach a self cleaning effect.


CIP-cleaning of the pump and the system (All – In – ONE; no separate CIP pump necessary)